Our Story

Innovation • Service • Dedication • Strength

We’re often told that it’s rare for a family owned business to continue into 4 generations. We’re privileged to be that company, not just surviving but thriving.

We have innovation in our blood.

Martin Mathiowetz founded Mathiowetz Construction in 1924. Our first clients were local farmers who needed snow plow services and land cleared and graded for driveways and ditches. A tinkerer, whose natural curiosity led him to invent solutions to problems, Martin designed and built much of the equipment he needed using scrap parts and ingenuity.

We have a strong history of service.

In the 1950’s Richard Mathiowetz took over for his ailing father at only 17 years old. Balancing school and work, Richard, kept the business going until he was able to fully devote his time and energy to developing additional business opportunities and growing the company’s employee base. Richard became an icon in the road construction industry and gave back through service on the boards of AGC of Minnesota and the Minnesota Transportation Alliance, HCIC, as well as participating on AGC’s grading committee for many years. He was a tireless advocate for improvements to Minnesota’s highway and transportation systems and a familiar face around the capital during legislative sessions. He was so highly regarded by members of the legislature on both sides of the aisle, that upon his death, the 26-mile section of State Highway 4 between Sleepy Eye and St. James was designated Richard J Mathiowetz Memorial Highway by a vote of 143-0.
Chad and Julie JKA alterred
L to R: Chad Mathiowetz, President & Julie Anderson, Executive Vice President

We value dedication.

Brian Mathiowetz took the reins in 1999 when his father passed away unexpectedly. Dedication best describes Brian’s contribution to the Mathiowetz Construction legacy.
Brian and his sister, Julie Anderson began an evolution in leadership style when they collaborated to lead the company. They were dedicated to preserving the company when their father passed away and again when the company was challenged with recession and loss of revenue in 2008-2010. Brian and Julie both led by example as the leadership team greatly reduced their salaries to weather the recession. Brian and his wife, Ronda, have a sense of stewardship that adds to the durability of Mathiowetz Construction. They have always felt a moral responsibility to provide careful and responsible management of this company to serve their family, all Mathiowetz team members and the communities in which they work. While Julie continues as part of the leadership team, Brian and Ronda will become trusted advisors and community representatives to continue serving Mathiowetz Construction now and into the future.

We believe that our people are our strength.

As Brian and Ronda step back from day to day operations and move into advisory roles, Chad Mathiowetz and Julie Anderson continue the collaborative leadership model. They are building on the legacy left by their father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. They have a passion for cultivating a strong team culture at Mathiowetz through open lines of communication and collaboration to bring together all aspects of the business. In addition to members of the Mathiowetz family, there are many key contributors who have helped build this culture and each member of the leadership team recognizes and encourages those contributions. Mathiowetz Construction takes pride in having multi-generational field staff and many employees fulfilling 20-40 year careers, exhibiting loyalty and ownership of the business’s success. Each of the leaders has logged many hours on job sites from the time they were young. They like nothing more than to see kids visiting job sites with their parents and grandparents, knowing that they may become part of the Mathiowetz team someday. As Mathiowetz Construction moves into the fourth generation of leadership, Chad and Julie hope to leave their mark on the Mathiowetz legacy by continuing to treat every team member as family.

Martin Mathiowetz would be proud to see that innovation, community service, dedication, and commitment to team members lives on at Mathiowetz Construction.

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