Our Services

A strong history of service.

Mathiowetz Construction Company is THE company to lead your site. Our leadership team spends our energy leading your project to a successful conclusion! We take the time to envision your needs and offer improvements toward the overall quality and constructability of your site.

Working Experience:

  • Railroad Sidings
  • Single Family Dairy Sites
  • Commercial Hog Sites
  • Retail Sites and Commercial Development
  • Lined Landfills and Pond Installations
  • Agricultural Building Civil packages
  • Tiling and Drainage Projects
  • Terraces
  • Erosion Repair and Prevention

Our team searches for your best deal for both rock and aggregates and we evaluate the cost-effective solution to provide you your product. We leverage resources throughout Southern Minnesota. Give us a call for competitive pricing and full-service solutions!

We have expanded into Screening services to provide multiple valuable products from any aggregate source and have rip rap products added in our Sleepy Eye location.

Mathiowetz Construction leverages the latest technology to save you money and eliminate costly rework! Our GPS Survey Technicians and operators are trained to apply GPS principles on the surveys and automated machine control on our blades, scrapers, dozers and finishing machines. We provide confidence that the site is at the specified grade. We also utilize Earthwork 4D design software to virtually to balance your site and eliminate rework. Don’t pay someone to come and “eyeball” it, or get it “close enough”. With MCC your solution is exactly the way you want it!

Mathiowetz Construction provides results on demolition projects of all sizes using environmentally sensitive solutions carried out efficiently and safely. We have in house technical expertise to evaluate your regulatory needs. We can dispose of your materials in our own permitted demolition facility in an MPCA Approved manner. We have also executed permit-by-rule applications if you have an eligible project, and our team executes the entire project keeping you in compliance so you can worry about other things. Let us handle the details, and rest easy knowing you have with no lingering issues.

Being in business for 90 years has its advantages. Forward Thinking can improve your drainage controls and a new pond or structure will enhance the wildlife friendliness of your parcel. Whether you need a terrace, tile, or ditching to improve your field, we provide groundbreaking solutions! If you are last on the other lists – be assured that we will make you first on ours! Our underground crews will lead your installation – doing it right the first time.

Heavy Hauling on State Of the Art Lowboy Equipment with the capability of Large Load Capacities

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Our Safety Director oversees the training and education of all team members at Mathiowetz Construction Company. This helps us continuously strive to achieve zero lost days due to injury and a driving record that is free of “at fault” accidents. The program includes weekly job inspections, continuous training and motivational efforts to develop safety awareness throughout the company.

A few elements of our safety program include:

  • OSHA training for all employees
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Annual Safety Training Meeting
  • Safety Committee consisting of management and field personnel
  • Safety Awards Program
  • AWAIR Safety Program
  • On Site Safety Meetings
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Stretching Program
  • Equipment Endorsement

we have the team to lead your project.